EIR Aqua Chalcedony


The EIR bangle is our first creation. We have selected a high vibe Aqua Chalcedony stone and encased it in a beautiful, 14k Gold plated brass cuff to create a modern piece designed to be worn every day. This bracelet is produced in a small, limited series.

Chalcedony helps with meditation and to repel negative energies and attract calm, peace and balance. Perfect for the times we live in right now.

Each piece is cleansed with Sage, Frankincense or Palo Santo incense before being sent to you so it arrives full of good vibrations and ready to be used.

In stock



Material : 14K Gold plated brass, with a Natural Aqua Chalcedony stone.

Measurement : 60mm x 53mm

Weight : 25 g

Each bracelet comes in a protective pouch.

If you want to offer it as a gift, let us know the first name of the person it is for, during checkout in the comment box. We add a special attention in each order.



Orders placed now will be shipped out between 01 – 15 December 2020.

Why preorder ? To know what the demand is like, so I can make sure there are enough bracelets for everyone. Through preordering, you are making sure you won’t miss out if this bracelet sells out 💙


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