Norse Light creates crystal-charged jewelry designed to raise your vibration and connect you to your divine energy. Our designs are an ode to the powers and beauty of Nature. We are inspired by the peaceful, minimalist, beautiful aesthetic of northern countries, the cool tones and saturated hues from a Norwegian fjord, an Icelandic aurora or a Swedish midnight sun. In these manifestations, we not only see but feel the powers of Nature. So with that in mind, we aim to create simple yet beautiful designs with genuine crystals that will help us harness the power of the Earth.


Our first creation is a bracelet. When you wear it, you can always see it, feel it and touch it. You can call upon the power of its stone whenever you need it, either during your daily mediation, when you are in stressful situations or just to give you some confidence throughout the day. The stones we are selecting will help you center yourself and remind you how unique and strong you are.